Five Ways To Overcome Cabin Fever

The famous song “What A Wonderful World” never says anything about cold weather and heavy snow. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a wonderful thing! In case you don’t believe it, here are a few ways to overcome cabin fever

# 1 – Go to the movies! Excessively buttered popcorn is a known cure for cabin fever. It is especially effective when consumed over an action-packed blockbuster.

# 2 – Catch up on all of those books you never read! Other seasons are great for buying books and leaving them stacked in your room. Winter actually provides the time and incentive to read them.

# 3 – Don’t be afraid of the snow – embrace it! You only need to go as far as your backyard to fully enjoy the powder. The activities are endless: build a snowman, build an igloo, make snow angels or have a snowball fight with the family.

# 4 – Binge-watch a series on Netflix. The old days when you had to wait every week for the newest episode are over. The best way to watch a season of television is in one sitting, vegging out in the warmth of your own home, while it snows outside.

# 5 – Go Off-Roading in the Snow! There are a lot of great reasons that your Jeep was made to handle off-road terrain. Sure, tackling Moab is a blast but what about running rampant in the snow? Think of it as snowmobiling on steroids.

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