RAM 1500 Minotaur Could Take On Ford Raptor

2016 RAM 1500 Minotaur

With the 2017 Ford Raptor ready for release later this fall, the Ram 1500 is stepping up its game to slay it. The Ram 1500 Minotaur is one tough truck and if the look of it is any indication, it’s ready for a fight. Available on Ram 1500 models 2013 and newer, the Minotaur aftermarket package is one of the best on the market.

Available from participating Ram dealerships, the Minotaur aftermarket package features a custom suspension, bodywork, wheels, and tires that put the Ram 1500 on a whole new level. Offers by Prefix Performance, the package is available on Ram 1500 Express and Sport models from 2013 and newer. You can also buy a brand new Ram 1500 Minotaur.

The base Minotaur package comes with wide-body front and rear fenders as well as a custom front fascia. Red painted tow hooks and Minotaur badging accent the fascia, fenders, and bedsides that are painted to match the vehicle. To finish off the look, an aluminum front skid plate and 35-inch all-terrain tires wrap around 17-inch wheels.

While the base package costs nearly $22,000, Prefix Performance offers other modifications as well. Drivers can switch the Ram 1500’s engine for a 6.4-liter HEMI V8, add a Dodge Viper-inspired side exhaust system, and more.

Here at Jasper Jeep, we can’t wait to see the Minotaur and Raptor go tire-to-tire!

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